1. Thou shalt have no other better forms of marketing then social media

Using social media seems as if it is no longer optional. Social networks enables businesses to network all over the globe. It is an effective way to reach out, stay connected, and form new relationships. You do not have to be on every network, because it’s impossible to maintain an active presence on every social network. In order to know what network you should be on, establish where your target market is. Here is a page that can help you learn how to better pick the correct social media for you.

2. Thou shalt recognize followers with gratitude

The more fans and followers your page has results in benefiting you and your business. Much like any other business, you would not be anywhere with out customers.

 3.Thou shalt share content useful to the community

Don’t be boring. To be honest no one truly cares if you “enjoyed your dinner” or if you state, “ I’m hungry”. Stick to the content that makes a difference, without posting every single thing you do.

4. Thou shalt listen before speaking

In order to fully satisfy your potential or current clients, you must listen to their feed back, and what they want.

5.Thou shalt not take the purpose of social media in vain

In order to see success when incorporating social media, one must realize that social media is a mindset. You can’t just change your tactics, you need to change your mindset or strategy. It does little good to know “how” to do something if you don’t understand why to do it.

6.Thou shalt get connected

Social media engagement is a conversation, and participation is required. Share freely, and you will be a respected member.

7.Thou shalt create goals for thy content

Establish what you are trying to achieve- increase clientele, provide leads, improve your visibility to the search engines, etc. You want to make you’re your content is entertaining, so it makes your company or brand memorable. Make sure it is assisting in growing your business.

8.Thou shalt not ignore the privacy settings

Social networks want you to share everything by default. Of course they do, they want traffic. However, this does not benefit you.  Check the privacy settings, and adjust them to best fit your needs.

9. Thou shalt think before thy post

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are used as marketing tools. They give the chance to have thoughts seen by thousands of people, and they are.  Stop and think before you post anything offensive, angry or threatening. There have been many situations where the results from a backlashing comment, has cost a person their credibility, fans, or other serious consequences.

10. Thou shalt not spam

Plain and simple, no one likes spam.


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