It is very confusing out there with all these Internet Marketing companies making every claim under the Sun.  Who do you choose?  Why choose Company A over Company B?  Company A promised me page one rank on Google and Company B did not.  Every person I have met with that is looking for a qualified Internet Marketing firm has told me they have no idea what to believe

1. Are your designs custom? And are the optimized for maximum conversion?

This is critical.  A website development & Internet Marketing firm has to have a firm grasp on what the bets designs are going to be for your particular business to help convert those visiting your site in those that are contacting your firm.

2. What is your onsite SEO strategy?

Most Internet Marketing firms do not know how to properly do on-site optimization and that means you are not going to get the maximum benefot for the dollars you are spending.  On-Site SEO is critical to a successful presence, especially in a highly competitive market?

3. What is your off-site SEO strategy?

Most Internet Marketing firms do not have an off-site SEO strategy and without one you will be left blowing in the wind, hoping for success but realizing after awhile that success will not come with the strategy set up for you.

4. Is all work done in America or do you have people in other countries doing the work?

Critical.  While some very good work can be done over seas, it is not ideal especially if you are spending a large sum of money each month for results. 

5. Am I limited in the number of pages of content?

If you are, then run.  That means the company offering that limited number of content pages is not concerned with your online success but instead is interested in only up-selling you at every opportunity.

6. How many firms that do what I do will you work with in my geographic region?

I work with 3 firms in a geographic region.  For example with Attorneys, I will only work with 3 attorneys per practice area per metro region.  This enables me to offer the best SEO possible and not have to compete against my own clients.  An Internet Marketing company that will work with lets say 10, 20,30, 40 or even more attorneys in similar practice area and geographic region will not be able to help you.

7. What if someone is doing more on their site than you are doing on mine?  Will you do whatever you can to beat them without charging me more money?

If I find that a website is doing more than what I am doing on your website I will increase the level of work I am doing and surpass them.  End of story.

8. What month-to-month acitivities will you be doing on my website and will you put it in writing?

Even if they tell you they are working on your site every month, make them put it in writing and get reports of the actual work done.  That way you will be keeping them honest.  And don’t be afraid to make them write out in detail what they have done.  A legitimate SEO firm will be happy to provide reports.

9. What is your Social Media expertise?

Social media is important to your overall web presence these days and a website without a social media strategy is missing a key component for online success.

10. Are you available 24/7?

Epic Web Results is available 365/24/7.  We are always available because you are our customers and you deserve to be able to get in touch with someone when you want to not when typical business hours take place.