Although Google+ (G+) is one of the newer social media networks (when compared to Facebook and LinkedIn, which have about 7 and 8 years, respectively, on G+), G+ is quickly becoming a heavy hitter in the world of social media marketing, particularly due to the facts that:

  • Google+ has had a faster initial growth rate than Facebook did when it first started.
  • Google+ can have a substantial impact on the search engine ranking for a site and its content, especially when G+ users share specific links to their content and these receive a “+1” from other users.
Your firm’s Google+ account can be critical to promoting your website and boosting its search engine rankings. Here are some tips for promoting your G+ account.

Your firm’s Google+ account can be critical to promoting your website and boosting its search engine rankings. Here are some tips for promoting your G+ account.

If you have a Google+ account for your law firm or other business and need a little help promoting this account, attracting more followers and otherwise gaining traction, here are some easy-to-implement tips that can help. Specifically, these tips involve adding your existing contacts in your other social media accounts to your G+ account to expand your circles and visibility.

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Tip 1: Export Your Existing Contacts from Your LinkedIn Account.

Regardless of whether your firm’s LinkedIn account is relatively new, this social media platform is one of the easier ones to deal with when it comes to exporting your contacts. This makes it a good place to start when you are ready to promote your business’ G+ account by expanding the followers in its circles.

To get a list of your LinkedIn contacts that can then be uploaded to your G+ account:

  1. Select the “Contacts” option from the dropdown menu that appears when your place your cursor over the Network tab (when you are on your firm’s LinkedIn homepage).
  2. Near the top right side of the page, click “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Export LinkedIn Connections.”
  3. You can then select the most appropriate file option for exporting your contacts and save this file to the appropriate location on your computer.
  4. Then, go to your G+ account, and select “People” > “Connect Services” > “Open Address Book.” You can then navigate to your saved file of contacts and upload this file.

You may find that many of your LinkedIn connections already have G+ accounts. By adding them to your firm’s G+ account, you may get added back by your contacts, thereby increasing your Google+ circles.

Be sure to check out the upcoming second part of this blog for some step-by-step instructions on how to increase your G+ circles by importing contacts from your Facebook and other accounts.

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