SEO Changes Predicted for 2016

SEO Changes Predicted for 2016

As 2015 winds down, starting the plan for the upcoming year and the changes that may come with it can be important for businesses – especially those that primarily rely on their website for visibility and new leads.

Given that search engine optimization is continually changing, evolving nearly as quickly as computers and other devices do, understanding what SEO changes may be coming in 2016 can be key to:

  • Adjusting your SEO strategies to align with these updates
  • Positioning your website and business for optimal success in the New Year.

SEO Changes Expected in 2016

Some of the major changes to SEO that experts are predicting for the coming year include the following:

  1. Desktop-centric SEO will continue to lose relevancy – With mobile search overtaking desktop search in the U.S. in 2015 and Google rolling out a major mobile update this past year (phasing out sites not optimized for mobile), next year will likely bring a continued move away from desktop-focused sites. In fact, John Mueller of Google noted earlier this year that sites that only have a mobile version will not be penalized for not having a desktop counterpart. So, if your site does not have a mobile version, going mobile should be a top priority for you in 2016.
  2. Niche content will become more important – With the growth of online content has come a saturation of general information. In fact, features like Google’s knowledge graph have made it easy for users to get basic info about various topics without even having to click on SERP listings. This has led to predictions that more specialized content, focused on unique or niche topics, will become increasingly important in the New Year. So, if your site’s content doesn’t provide more than just generic information, now is the time to take your content marketing to the next level to ensure better performance in 2016.
  3. Local SEO will become more refined – As we explained back in August, Google displays a 3-stack local pack for certain types of searches. With geographic-based searches expected to grow in 2016, expect to also see more emphasis on local SEO, with factors like local citations and local listings playing a more prominent role in the New Year.

SEO Elements That Will Still Be Important in 2016

Not everything with SEO is expected to change with the New Year, as the following elements are and will continue to remain important in 2016:

  1. High-quality content will still be essential – Content is still king online, and focusing on developing well-written, unique content will, therefore, still be essential to the success of websites.
  2. Site’s authority will still largely be determined by off-site factors – Specifically, inbound links, customer reviews and off-site listings will still be critical factors in establishing a website’s authority.
  3. User experience will still be of utmost importance – And this will likely not change anytime soon. So, if your website is not as user-friendly as it should be, redesigning your website should be a top priority for 2016.

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