Social media is a great tool that allows us to connect, discover and engage with new people of interest. Most people are open to making new connections, and receiving messages, there is a fine line between reaching out and “spamming” out to people. There is nothing worse than receiving to many emails, updates or posting. The challenge is to make a connection clearly and effectively without annoying or wasting someone’s time. In order to do this better, here is a list of several lessons for improving your social networking skills.

1. Find out how your clients or potential clients best like to communicate with you

This is when you want to start to consider who your target market is. If you want to contact someone new, it is important to find his or her preferred communicated channel. This is when you should search and seek out if they are more likely to respond to a Tweet, Facebook, You Tube, or another various social networks, or if they prefer a different means of communication.

2. Say just the right amount

Like said before, there is a fine line between saying too much, and not enough at all. This cannot be emphasized enough, and could be one of the toughest social media challenges many face. One of the biggest mistakes people mistake is sending out to many long updates or emails. Think of it this way; when sending out messages, you often have not yet earned even five minutes of someone time. A good way to keep updates short and simple is to update your Twitter or Facebook page.

3. Realize you do not need a response

There is nothing worse than haggling someone until you get a response. Keep in mind you are not trying to set up a date, rather your over all-purpose is to make connections. In a very real way, it doesn’t matter if the person is interesting in discussing your project idea. What matters is that you are making a connection. It is important to keep in mind that even if the relationship is not built right away, it is important to keep the door open for future business plans, or clients.

4. Give people space

A key question many people have when updating social media networks is how often do you truly update? It is important to realize that it does not matter how often you update, rather it is vital to have good content. Generally it is not helpful to send too many emails, because if you do this it may send out the wrong impression. You do not want to people to think you will take up too much of their time. Instead give communication space. Let the communication have some breathing room. This in the end will create the connections you want.

Social media is a great tool to use for your business.  Do you find your self following these tips? The experts at Epic Web Results can help you take advantage of social media trends, and keep you on track with all the tips available. In addition to our optimized web services, we also offer social media marketing strategies using many different. Contact us today with any questions you have online or at 303-947-1737. We can help you expand your business by updating, and redesigning your website along with other social media networks.