If it has been a few years or longer since your business’ website has been redesigned, now may be a good time to consider whether a complete overhaul would be beneficial or whether smaller adjustments to your current site will be sufficient. To help guide you in this assessment, below are some essential questions to ask when considering a website redesign.

Considering a Site Redesign? If So, Ask…

1 – Is the current site user friendly?

Asking these questions can help you figure out if it’s time for a site redesign, experienced Internet marketing professionals explain. Contact us for a free site audit.

Asking these questions can help you figure out if it’s time for a site redesign, experienced Internet marketing professionals explain. Contact us for a free site audit.

As we have noted previously, user experience is paramount and should always be one of the highest priorities for your website. To evaluate how user friendly (or not user friendly) your site is currently, ask these additional questions:

  • Is the site mobile compatible?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Does the site load relatively quickly?
  • Could a new visitor to your site easily navigate it/find essential information on it?
  • Is the content easy to read and of high quality?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” your site’s user experience could stand to be improved and a redesign may be necessary to make some of these bigger fixes.

2 – Is the current site optimized?

Websites have two types of audiences: the online user (i.e., a person) and search engines (i.e., algorithms/non-people). This means that satisfying the user will only be one element to a successful site. Another crucial component is satisfying search engines by appropriately optimizing your site.

If you know that your site is not optimized – or if you are not sure about the level of optimization, bring in a professional to do a free website audit. We can do this for you at Epic Web Results. These types of audits can alert you to SEO issues that may be holding your site back, and resolving such issues – possibly through a site redesign – can be the key to making your site as successful as possible.

3 – Is your company rebranding?

If so, then a site redesign may be a no brainer. This is because you will likely want to overhaul the look and feel of your current site to fit with your new brand image.

4 – Is your site migrating to a new server or platform?

If so, then, again, a site redesign may be a good idea, as your site will already be undergoing some big changes, so why not kill two birds with one stone (getting the redesign done as your site is already going through a major transition)?

If It Is Time for a Site Redesign…

Some initial steps to take can include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Gathering data – Figure out what pages on your site are getting the most traffic. While this data can inform the redesign, it can also serve a good gauge for future traffic fluctuations.
  • Sort through existing content – Specifically, focus on weeding out the outdated, light, irrelevant or just bad content on your site. Also, consider whether the remaining content sufficiently covers your needs. If not, consider investing in some new content.
  • Determine some basic design features you want – This can be a springboard into more involved design discussions with developers and SEOs.
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