Continuing from 5 Easy Content Marketing Strategies That You Need to Know (Pt. 1), below are a few more simple yet powerful content marketing strategies to keep in mind as part of an overall inbound marketing plan for your business’ website. 

  1. Instead of debating “quantity versus quality,” focus on consistency – With content marketing, both the quality and quantity of what you produce is important; therefore, it’s crucial to focus on consistency for both. Set a realistic quantity of new content you can create (weekly or monthly) and then focus on making each piece as high quality as possible (and as necessary).
    These simple yet powerful content marketing strategies can boost your site’s ranking in search engines. For more info, contact Epic Web Results.

    These simple yet powerful content marketing strategies can boost your site’s ranking in search engines. For more info, contact Epic Web Results.

    Here, it’s important to highlight the fact that some pieces of content you create will not need to be as perfect in terms of quality as others. For instance, while a significant amount of work should go into making highly trafficked pages (like, for instance, Why Hire Us? or About Us pages) as quality as possible, shorter blogs that are conversational in nature may not need to be as formal or perfect as other pages on your site (especially considering that they will likely be “old news” and may not receive as many visits in the coming weeks or months as newer, more recently published posts).

  1. Make sure to focus on distribution just as much as content creation – Your content can be some of the most compelling content online, but it won’t matter much if it’s not getting distribution to expose it to the widest possible audience. When it comes to distribution efforts, be creative. For example, consider:
        • Creating a buzz about newly published content through your social media sites – You can post short excerpts, ask people about their opinions/experiences, etc.
    • Reposting the content on third-party sites
    • Revamping the content as a press release to get additional distribution through news-oriented site.
  1. Don’t underestimate the value of repurposing content – While you should always try to incorporate new topics into your content creation efforts, don’t forget that repurposing older content can be a quick, effective way to develop compelling new content. Some strategies to this end can include:
    • Stringing together blogs on the same topic and editing them, as needed, to create an ebook or online white paper
    • Developing a blog series from a PowerPoint presentation you may have showcased at a convention or networking event
    • Revising old articles that you may have written as a guest blogger for other sites to give them fresh life, a new angle and a new forum on your business’ website.

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