These facts about Facebook can help you improve your engagement with potential new clients, our Internet marketing pros explain. Here’s why.

These facts about Facebook can help you improve your engagement with potential new clients, our Internet marketing pros explain. Here’s why.

Facebook is a powerhouse in the realm of social media marketing, as recent data indicates that:

  • There are about 222 million Facebook users in the U.S.
  • The average Facebook user spends at least about 14 hours per month on this site.
  • Approximately 13 percent of the time people spend online on their mobile devices is spent on Facebook.
  • About 1 in every 4 Facebook users is eventually guided back to a content publisher’s site.

So, clearly, gearing some of your business’ Internet marketing efforts towards Facebook & its users is crucial if you are focused on engagement and growing your business. However, it may not just be enough to have a Facebook account and add posts to it every now and again.

To gain traction in this increasingly competitive space, looking at some analytics about what types of posts are more (and less) successful with users – based on the level of interaction they generate – can help you better refine your Facebook marketing and, consequently, realize the best results from these efforts.

The Facts about Facebook: What Types of Posts Generate the Most Engagement

According to some of the latest research findings about Facebook:

  1. Posts made between 10pm and 11pm EST get nearly 90 percent more engagement – This could be due to the fact that, during this timeframe, users are typically not multitasking with other activities (like work).Takeaway: Given that you can schedule your Facebook postings, try to schedule at least a few of your weekly postings to publish during this timeframe. Monitor these later posts for engagement, and if the results are promising, consider shifting more of your posts to publish later in the evening for maximum interaction.
  2. Posts with images get about 179 percent more interaction – While it’s no secret that interesting images are far more likely to grab people’s attention online and motivate them to read more (and potentially click through), this finding underscores just how powerful the right image can be.Takeaway: Make sure every one of your posts has a relevant image published with it.
  3. Asking a question (rather than simply making a statement) gets about 160 percent more engagement – This is likely because a question inherently positions users to offer up their opinions and responses, which people generally like to do, particularly with controversial issues or topics that interest them.Takeaway: Try to ask a question of users in the majority of your posts. A simple “what do you think?” at the end of a statement is an easy way to do this/get started reframing your posts to be as engaging as possible to users.
  4. Video posts are the types of posts that are most often shared, with an average of 90 shares per video – This fact seems to underscore how visual content in addition to the words on a page is key to capturing users’ attention and inciting their engagement.Takeaway: If you don’t have videos for your business, now is a good time to consider developing some. Videos on Facebook & your website can be powerful ways of connecting with potential new clients.
  5. Posts that have between 150 to 200 characters tend to perform the best – This is about one to two sentences long, which is generally long enough to tease a topic without fully disclosing all of the info about it.Takeaway: Keep the text of your posts short and concise but long enough to get a point across or spark someone’s interest. The more you ramble in your post, the less likely people are to read it (or read the whole thing).

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