5 Facts to Know about Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update for your Law Firm (Pt. 3)

Here’s the conclusion to this blog series. While the first two parts of this series focused on revealing some of the most important facts to be aware of regarding the impending Google mobile-friendly update, here, we will point out what you can do to get ready for this update – and benefit from it.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update: Here’s What You Can Do Now…

  • Here are some things you can do to prepare your mobile site for Google’s impending mobile-friendly algorithm update. Contact us for help.

    Here are some things you can do to prepare your mobile site for Google’s impending mobile-friendly algorithm update. Contact us for help.

    Find out if your site is mobile friendly – If you aren’t sure if your site is mobile friendly, you can test it at Google’s mobile-friendly test page. Although this test is not flawless and may not point out every issue with a site, it can give you a useful gauge of your site’s mobile performance from Google’s perspective.
  • Rectify any mobile usability issues your site has – Depending on the issues with your site, these fixes may be relatively easy – or they may require some in-depth work to get your site to be mobile friendly.
  • Keep a close eye on your site’s metrics in the coming weeks – As April 21st approaches and after it passes, be sure to closely trach your site’s performance to see if it ends up being impacted positively or negatively by the algorithm update.
  • Contact us – Evaluating just what needs to be done to make a website mobile friendly often requires the discerning eye of experienced industry professionals like those at Epic Web Results. So, contact us today for a free site evaluation, as well as experienced help optimizing your site and implementing innovative, effective Internet marketing solutions for your business.

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