Continually evolving, search engines are generally focused on providing the best results to users’ queries. How users are interacting with search engines, however, has also changed significantly over the past few years or so, especially considering the rise and prominence of mobile searches within the last 5 or so years.

Given that understanding these changes can be crucial to positioning websites for success – both with search engines and users, below we will point out some of the most important facts to be aware of when it comes to modern search trends.

A Look at Modern User Behaviors & Searches

  1. These facts about user behavior & modern search trends can help inform your Internet marketing efforts, positioning you for optimal ROIs.

    These facts about user behavior & modern search trends can help inform your Internet marketing efforts, positioning you for optimal ROIs.

    Mobile has overtaken desktop in 10 major markets – While you may be aware that, in the U.S., mobile searches have already become more popular than desktop searches, it may be surprising to learn that this trend is spreading and that 9 other major markets in the world have also already realized this trend. What may also be interesting about this is the fact that most of the mobile searches are happening on smartphones, rather than on tablets or larger mobile devices.

  2. Local searches have increased by more than 30 times over the past four years – Additionally, about half of the people who conduct local searches on mobile devices end up interacting with a local business the same day. This shift towards the local has been beneficial for small businesses, giving them a new way to compete with bigger brands and stores.
  3. Search queries are becoming more specific and conversational – In fact, there has been a big move away from queries asking “who/what is” towards queries that ask  “how to” and “why.” Additionally, data has indicated that the types of queries are getting more specific and conversational due to voice-activated searches (where people can just directly speak their query, rather than editing it down as they type it out).
  4. Men tend to spend longer amounts of time on SERPs – And they are about 5 times more likely (than female users) to look at lower ranked results, as well as results on page two or three of a query. Men are also more likely to click on more of the results listed in SERPs as they search for the information they are looking for.
  5. Women tend to fixate on the top listings in SERPs and tend to spend more time browsing sites – In contrast to male users, female users tend to focus on the top 3 or so listings in SERPs, opening up multiple tabs at once and possibly even using multiple devices at once. Also, women are more likely than men to spend more time browsing the sites they do end up going to.

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