Social media is here to stay, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are firmly rooted in many people’s professional and personal lives. While many businesses and law firms have jumped on the social media marketing train in an effort to build relationships with potential new clients, unfortunately, some have done so without the insight of internet marketing professionals, which has led them to make some significant mistakes and to lose existing and new potential business.

For the best chances of avoiding common mistakes with social media marketing, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

For the best chances of avoiding common mistakes with social media marketing, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

Below and in an upcoming second part of this blog, we will highlight the five most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to implementing social media marketing. By avoiding these mistakes and hiring trusted professionals like those at Epic Web Results to handle this marketing effort, you can optimize the chances that your business will be positively reaching out to new potential clients while continuing to fortify its relationships with your current client base.

Mistake 1: Inconsistency

One of the primary features of an effective social media marketing campaign is regular interesting posts that draw people in, keep them coming back and ultimately make the brand or business memorable to them (in a positive way). Not posting daily is an easy and quick way to hobble a social media marketing campaign, as it can quickly sever any relationships that a business may have established with other internet users.

While it’s ideal to be posting once (or, better yet, twice) a day to all of your business’ social media accounts, sticking to an established, regular, consistent posting schedule can also be effective; for instance, if you post every other day  or once weekly, make sure to publish your postings at around the same time so that people who follow these posts know when to expect to see them (and so that they will be more likely to come back, “like” and/or share these posts).

Mistake 2: No human appeal

Fundamentally, social media should be social. While this may seem like an obvious point, all too often businesses will sanitize their social media posts, making them devoid of any real human interest or appeal. This is a set up for failure in the world of social media marketing because it will turn people off – or, worse yet, create a negative association with a business or brand.

The key to avoiding making this mistake is to keep the posts conversational. For instance, how would you talk about a certain subject with your friend? What elements of the issue or topic are the most interesting or possibly controversial? These are points to bring up in posts, as they are the most likely to generate a discussion/response and gain others’ attention.

Be sure to check out the upcoming second part of this blog for a discussion regarding the final three most common mistakes made when it comes to social media marketing for businesses.

Effective Social Media and Other Online Marketing Solutions at Epic Web Results

At Epic Web Results, our respected industry professionals are skilled social media marketers who can help boost a law firm’s profile, reach and relevancy to potential clients. Our legal internet marketing strategies are cutting edge, as well as cost effective, and they are specifically tailored to the needs and budget of your law firm. In addition to developing and implementing effective social medial marketing campaigns for firms, our professionals are also ready to help your firm design and roll out optimized websites that will soar to the top of search engines.

Some of our specific services include website design (including for mobile devices), link building, website analytics, social media marketing, etc.

Our extensive experience developing the best possible online results for our Clients means that we consistently provide a variety of innovative online legal marketing solutions that can ultimately help grow our Clients’ businesses. Our goal is to provide your business or firm with aggressive, effective legal marketing solutions that will help attract potential new clients while continuing to engage existing clients.

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