Looking good and providing useful information may not be enough for websites to turn users into new leads and clients. In fact, when sites have high bounce rates (and low conversion rates), it usually means that something is missing and that it’s time to take another look at what the disconnect is between what users expect to be getting on a site and what they are actually seeing when they get there.

To this end, here are some helpful tips for reversing high bounce rates and, in doing so, improving conversion rates. Taking the time to implement these tips can pay off in a big way when it comes to better rankings for your site and new clients for your business.

How to Turn High Bounce Rates into Better Conversion Rates

1 – Align your landing page message with user expectations

When you are ready to improve your site’s conversion rates, follow these tips. Or contact the Internet marketing pros at Epic Web Results.

When you are ready to improve your site’s conversion rates, follow these tips. Or contact the Internet marketing pros at Epic Web Results.

First off, how are most people getting to your website? Through organic searches, email campaigns, social media or some combination thereof?

Understanding how users get to your site can help you identify what they may be expecting from it. This, in turn, can help you match your website copy to meet users’ expectations so that they end up staying on your site longer and, in turn, reading (and, ideally, responding to) your call-to-action.

For instance, if users primarily get to your site via organic searches where they are seeing offers for “discount widgets,” the landing page they arrive at needs to immediately say something about “discount widgets” near the top of the page. Otherwise, users will likely think they are the wrong place and click away from the site within seconds – before looking around, scrolling down and seeing what you are about.

2 – Use your customers’ words to speak to them

Another powerful way to engage users and prevent them from “bouncing” from your site is to use language they are receptive to in your copy. For instance, check out what your customers are saying about you/your business in reviews, social media and other places online.

Try to filter out useful phrasing from these comments that you can include in your copy to talk to users. Using their language to speak to them can be an easy way to make users feel comfortable and more connected to you/your business. This, in turn, can keep them on your site longer.

3 – Focus on a single message & stick to the point

Don’t go overboard on the copy for your site’s landing pages, and don’t try to include too much info on them. In fact, it’s generally advisable that you focus on a single topic per landing page so that you can stick the point and keep it concise. The more direct you are, the more likely users will get your main point, and if this is what they came to your site for in the first place, the more likely they will be to respond to your call-to-action, increasing your conversion rates.

4 – Review content before publishing it

This should be a given for publishing anything on your website, but it is especially important when you want to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates. The reason is that a simple edit of content can identify potential problems with it, such as:

  • Typos and grammar errors, which can cause you to lose credibility with users (especially if your business is trying to sell professional services)
  • Inappropriate, weak copy that doesn’t get the message across clearly.

Having two sets of eyes review content before it’s published can be an effective yet simple way to catch and rectify such mistakes that could end up contributing to bounce rates.

5 – Don’t forget about your titles & calls-to-action (CTAs)

While your titles can quickly capture users’ attention (or quickly turn them away), they can also do the heavy lifting of delivering your message immediately to users. So, take some time to craft good titles for your content pages.

Similarly, don’t forget about your calls-to-action. Make sure that they are well written, they are customized for each page and that they get to the point. Poor titles and CTAs (or no CTAs) can be a huge turn off for users, again subverting all of the efforts you made to get them to your site/pages in the first place.

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