Knowing who is most likely to share content (and when they are most likely to share) can help improve your content & social media marketing efforts, our Internet marketing pros explain.

Writing good, unique content for your website may not be enough these days. After all, if your content is not optimized, there may be little chances that anyone will find it. Similarly, if no efforts are made to distribute and share your content with others, it may never end up getting seen or read.

Taking this a step further, even if you do make an effort to try to share your content by posting links on social media (for instance), how do you know that anyone is actually going to take notice and be inspired to share your content?

While there may not be a surefire way to predict this, understanding the personalities that are most likely to share content – and the times at which content is most likely to be shared online – can be helpful to your:

  • Content marketing strategies – Specifically, it can help you choose topics that are most appealing to sharing personalities and craft your content in a way that is going to spark more interest among these personalities.
  • Social media marketing strategies – Namely, it can help you better time your postings to position them for the most shares.


  1. The professionals – Focused on business-related content, these people tend to share content related to industry news and trends, and they are most likely to share content on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.
  2. The younger trend followers – Looking for cutting edge content, these people typically share content that is related to popular news, the latest trends and/or is identity-defining. Their content shares happen via various ways, including email and social media.
  3. The social butterflies – Interested in more provocative content, these people tend to use multiple social media networks (meaning more possible shares), and they usually share content to get attention and incite reactions from others.
  4. The do-gooders – Looking to help others, these people usually share content that provides useful, constructive information. They generally share content via email.
  5. The discerning – More discriminating and prudent, these people typically share content that they find informative and that they believe will be helpful to others. These shares can come in various forms, including email and social media.

When Content Is Most Likely to Be Shared Online

Although the best times to share content online will vary according to whereyou are sharing it, in general, the peak times for content sharing among users are:

  • Between 10 am and noon
  • Between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Between about noon and 2 pm, content shares tend to get the most clickthroughs (according to the latest research).

And, the worst times to share content is typically between 9 am and 11 am (if clickthroughs are the goal).

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