6 Reasons Why SEO Is NOT Dead for Law Firms (Pt. 1)

The question, Is SEO dead?, has been a highly debated topic among industry professionals for nearly two decades now, and these debates seem to come to the forefront whenever a major algorithm change is made by search engines like Google. Although there are plenty of people willing to claim that SEO is dead, the facts of the matter are that:

  • SEO is alive and well.
  • SEO is constantly evolving.
  • SEO will not be going away any time soon – if ever!

In this three-part blog series, we will discuss some of the most prominent reasons as to why SEO is NOT dead and how it can be critical to the success of a website. If you need help building, optimizing and/or maintaining your website, don’t hesitate to contact the trusted SEO and industry professionals at Epic Web Results.

Here’s Why SEO Is NOT Dead…

SEO is NOT dead, as it is still a critical part of how search engines rank websites in search results. Here are some more reasons why SEO is NOT dead. Contact us for help with all of your SEO needs.

SEO is NOT dead, as it is still a critical part of how search engines rank websites in search results. Here are some more reasons why SEO is NOT dead. Contact us for help with all of your SEO needs.

As we start this discussion, it’s first useful to pin down what SEO is exactly. SEO, search engine optimization, is the process of changing the design, content and other elements of a website so that site is more visible (in a positive way) to search engines. The goal is to help online users find what they are looking for based on their queries. Now, let’s look at why SEO is NOT dead…

Reason 1 – SEO is still critical for search engines.

Although various aspects of how search engines work and rank websites has changed even within the past few years alone, the basic fundamentals of how people use search engines to look for information has not changed. People still search for items based on a few input keywords, and the generated results still generally reflect the searched phrases.

What this means is that search engines are still evaluating websites based on how well optimized they are (among other factors) and that better optimized sites tend to get ranked higher in search engines.

All of this, in turn means, that SEO is still a critical factor to getting sites favorably ranked in search engines, to getting people to find your site and, ideally, to maximizing the conversion rates for a site (turning users into potential new leads or customers).

Reason 2 – SEO works when done right.

When skilled professionals are overseeing the SEO work for a site, including the design work, the content, the linking and the ongoing optimization efforts, websites will typically start to climb in search engines (as long as, of course, there are not any other major problems with them).

Here it’s important to point out that:

  • Such improvements in search engine rankings do not happen overnight.
  • SEO work should be ongoing to realize the maximum benefits from it.
  • A lack of SEO will have negative impacts on a site and could even lead to falling in search engine rankings in the future as algorithms continue to be updated.

What may be possibly more compelling to business owners who are developing websites is the knowledge that their successful competitors are likely taking advantage of SEO to get the highest rankings and the most return on their Internet marketing investment.

We will continue our discussion regarding why SEO is NOT dead in two additional parts of this blog series that will be published soon – make sure to check them out!

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