More than 2 billion people have social media accounts, and close to half of all time spent online is spent on social media, according to some of the latest research.1

So, if your business doesn’t currently have a presence on social media networks, now is the time to jump on board. If, however, your business is on social media and you are not seeing the engagement, click-throughs and conversion rates you want, now is the time to revamp your social media marketing strategy.

Below are some crucial tactics to consider using if you want to enjoy the best results from your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Posting Tactics You Should Be Using

1 – Post frequently and appropriately on the right networks

When you are ready to step up your social media marketing game, try these tactics. Or contact Epic Web Results for the best Internet marketing solutions.

When you are ready to step up your social media marketing game, try these tactics. Or contact Epic Web Results for the best Internet marketing solutions.

Posting at least one time per day to your social media pages is important to staying relevant to your audience (and to staying “front-of-mind” with them). When it comes to posting appropriately, however, it’s generally recommended by experts that you post:

  • At least 5 times per day to Twitter
  • At least one time per day to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms you may be using.

2 – Share good images

Images can be more compelling than words, especially in a cluttered social media sphere. So, make sure that all of your posts have images and that you choose interesting, eye-catching images to share.

3 – Dial down the self-promotion

While your social media marketing efforts are intended to promote your business, not every post you make has to be directly self-promotional.

In fact, it’s generally recommended that no more than 1 in every 3 posts is self-promotional so that you avoid being seen as a “spammer” (and, in turn, having your posts become “white noise” because users don’t think you have anything to say other than directly trying to sell yourself).

4 – Keep it concise

Don’t ramble or write paragraphs in your post if you can avoid it. Keep it short, and post a link where people can see more.

This kind of teaser can increase the likelihood that people will read your posts, click on your links and potentially even share them with others.

5 – Focus on building relationships

In other words, don’t post in isolation. Comment on others’ posts, like or share them and try to engage with other authorities to cultivate relationships that will build your presence on social media.

6 – Ask questions and keep it conversational

An effective way to get people to engage with your posts is to directly ask them their opinions about some topic or experience. So, try to regularly incorporate questions in your posts.

Also, remember, social media is an informal place. So, keep the tone of your posts conversational and informal. It can help humanize the face of your business online, which again can go a long way to engaging users.

7 – Time it right

There are better times to post online, and timing it right can position your posts for the most views, click-throughs and shares. In fact, if you really want to dial in the timing of your posts, the latest research has found that the best time to post on:

  • Google+ is 10 am.
  • Twitter is 1 pm.
  • Facebook is 5 pm.
  • Pinterest is 11 pm.

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1: According to Globalwebindex