Concluding our blog series 8 Types of Google Penalties & How to Recover from Them, here we will point out a few more common ways that Google may penalize websites and what may need to be done to recover from these penalties.

An Overview of Some More Google Penalties

7 – The “-950” Penalty

While understanding Google penalties can be important to knowing when a site may have been impacted, contact us for help recovering from these penalties.

While understanding Google penalties can be important to knowing when a site may have been impacted, contact us for help recovering from these penalties.

As one of the types of Google penalties that Matt Cutts has personally confirmed, the “-950” penalty essentially drops a website back 950 spots (or 9.5 pages in SERPs). This penalty may also be referred to as the “end of results” penalty because it:

  • Generally places a site at the “back” or “end” of results listings
  • Is usually reserved for sites that have continued to use Black Hat SEO tactics, bad linking strategies and other tactics that violate Google’s best practices
  • Is a severe penalty that is typically issued as a final warning before a de-listing/de-indexation penalty is imposed.

8 – Combo Google Penalties

Again, as the name implies, these types of penalties involve a combination of at least two or more other Google penalties, which means that:

  • Various types of Google penalties can end up affecting various parts of websites simultaneously.
  • Figuring out the specific nature of the penalties imposed can be that much more complicated and will likely require a close analysis of traffic for a site over the past few (or more) months.
  • The work to help a site recover can be just as in-depth and complicated, as it may necessitate the revision (or replacement) of multiple pages and/or sections of a website (in terms of content and/or design).

After Google Penalties: The Bottom Line

When it comes to Google penalties for websites, the bottom line is that:

  • There are a number of different types of Google penalties that can impact websites – and new penalties are regularly being developed and imposed to more effectively target sites that rely on Black Hat tactics.
  • Knowing when these penalties have been imposed can be complicated for website owners and can take a closer analysis of a website’s traffic history over recent months.
  • Coming back from Google penalties can take some in-depth work on a website.
  • To recover from Google penalties as quickly and effectively as possible, it’s best to contact experienced SEO professionals like those at Epic Web Results.

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