Facebook is a great way to interact with friends, families, customers, and over all keep in touch with people all over the globe. Either if you have a personal page or a business page on Facebook there are some things worth knowing about. Privacy settings have been known to change, and with the changes often times your privacy settings are altered. It is important to be aware that every time Facebook makes a change on their home site, it also effects you. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing to the new terms of service. Facebook is a database that catalogues your ‘likes’ and interests, your family, relations, and television shows. This becomes very useful for businesses to target the correct consumer. However, if you don’t want your information to be shared, cover up the “exposed areas.”


1. Remember Facebook is a social media network. When you post anything on the web, others are bond to read it.

2. Protect yourself from Facebook scams. Accept friends that you know. A popularity contest most likely doesn’t pick its winner through who has the most friends on Facebook. Due to the new Facebook settings anything and everything your friends post about you is public no matter your privacy settings; so pick your friends wisely.

3. Review your account privacy settings. If you haven’t recently, you may want to look over the terms and conditions.

Facebook is a great source to keep in touch, stay connected and optimize your business! Just remember, like any online network everything is seen. So, take the correct precautions to stop over exposing yourself.


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