Top 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites: August 2012


Here is the list of the top 15 most popular social media sites to date. The list is computed based on traffic ranking.

  1. Facebook: 1,751,466,617- Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
  2. YouTube: 549,509,277 – Estimated Unique Mother Visitors
  3. Twitter: 55,408,477- Total Visits
  4. Pinterest: 24,166,237- Total Visits
  5. Yahoo! Answers +: 23,063,168- Total Visits
  6. Google Plus +: 21,934,956- Total Visits
  7. Tagged: 20,299,682- Total Visits
  8. LinkedIn: 20,235,962- Total Visits
  9. Myspace: 10,941,526 Total Visits
  10.  MeetMe: 10,541,670 Total Visits


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