Yelp is a company that provides online local search capabilities to viewers. A normal Yelp search includes what a user is seeking (lawyer, nail solon, etc.), the location, and specific address with the state or zip code. Each business has a 5- point rating system that includes details along with the best way to contact, the business hours, parking, and accessibility. Yelp combines local reviews and social networking to create a local online community. It is very beneficial to have your business on Yelp. It helps people in your area locate you and give your business good reviews. Over all, Yelp helps to draw more people to your company.

There is no better time to take advantage of listing your business on Yelp. Yelp recently started their quarterly earnings. “Cumulative reviews grew 54% year over year to more than 30 million average monthly unique visitors grew 52% year over year to more than 78 million.”

This means that Yelp announced that is about 15 million reviews and monthly traffic on the site. This means that there are currently about 41 million unique viewers. It is easy math, the more people who view a site where your business is posted on; increases the likely hood to drive more business to your company.

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