Despite Google’s algorithm changes, Ezine Articles is still an excellent way to attract customers and create valuable backlinks. Articles posted to Ezine Articles are grabbed by other websites and blogs at no cost, but there is a catch. The byline you put on the article must always be published with the article when it is used. This byline includes a link to your website, which creates the backlinks that help boost your search rankings. It also allows the website or blogs loyal followers to click directly from your article to your site.

The idea of paying to have articles written, or taking the time to write them yourself, to give them to other websites and blogs to use for free may seem absurd. But consider these benefits before you discount this powerful marketing tool:

Free Advertising

Articles posted on Ezine Articles do not cost anything to submit. While paid accounts do provide faster review times and more options, if you have the time to wait the approval process out, it won’t cost you a dime.  Where cost does factor in is when you enlist the help of a professional writer to write on your behalf. Compared with pay-per-click campaigns or other fee based Internet marketing, having your articles written for you will put less strain on your advertising budget than other options will.

Establish Your Expertise

After a few exceptional articles are published, Ezine Articles will give you Expert Author status. With this comes perks, such as the possibility your articles may be featured on the front page of the site. Other sites pick up expert authored articles more often than basic articles.

Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic

Traffic is the key to any Internet marketing campaign. If people can’t find your website, they won’t spend money with your business. Ezine Articles provides three ways for you to generate traffic to your site. First, once you achieve Expert Author status, your articles are submitted to relevant RSS feeds. Ezine websites and blogs subscribe to these RSS feeds to simplify the process of choosing articles to feature. The more websites and blogs feature your articles, the more traffic you will receive from the backlink in your byline. Backlinks also increase page rankings on the major search engines. The better your rankings, the more traffic your site will receive. Lastly, people who find your articles engaging will go to your site and become regular readers of your own blog, generating repeat traffic to your site.