Concluding our three-part blog Attorney Mobile Websites: 7 Design Elements for Success, here, we will wrap up our discussion regarding essential design elements for developing engaging, successful attorney mobile websites.

Mobile Websites for Law Firms: Additional Important Design Features

5. Keep the structure clear and easy to navigate.

Logical, simple navigation is another key element to a successful attorney mobile website. Call us to get a quote for developing a mobile website for your law firm.

Logical, simple navigation is another key element to a successful attorney mobile website. Call us to get a quote for developing a mobile website for your law firm.

While the most important information regarding your firm should go on the home page, people may be looking for other info that isn’t necessarily on the home page. Make sure it’s as easy as possible for these users to find the info they need. To this end, you should consider including at least some of the following helpful navigation tools on your attorney mobile website:

  • Easy-to-use drop-down menus
  • Easily identifiable text links
  • Search bars (possibly with auto-populate options).

6. Make the site compatible with various types of mobile devices.

You want your attorney mobile website to appear the same way (and without any errors) across various types of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. While responsive design can be helpful to this end, make sure that you – or your design professionals – test out your mobile website on various devices to ensure that it appears and works the same across various platforms.

From a user perspective, if any issues arise on the specific mobile device they may be using, the chances are far more likely that they will have a poor perception of your law firm, they will click off of your site and they will turn to one of your competitors for more information and/or legal help.

7. Don’t forget branding.

As all of the elements of the design for your attorney mobile website come together, make sure to prominently brand your firm. This means that it’s typically a good idea to use your firm’s logo in the header and/or footer each page and that the colors and other design features of your website should only work to complement your brand and logo.

Here, again, it’s important to keep the logo as simple as possible so that doesn’t detract from the other important elements of your mobile website.

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