Attorney video marketing can be an important aspect of your law firm’s online presence. If you need help with lawyer video marketing, contact Epic Web Results.

Attorney video marketing can be an important aspect of your law firm’s online presence. If you need help with lawyer video marketing, contact Epic Web Results.

Attorney video marketing can be an important component of both your law firm’s website and its overall presence on the Internet. If you do not currently have any videos on your website to market your firm or the videos you currently have posted are outdated and ineffective, it’s time to start thinking about lawyer video marketing and how this cost-effective Internet marketing strategy can pay off big for both you and your firm.

In this two-part blog, we will highlight some of the most important reasons to follow through with attorney video marketing. If you have questions about this strategy or are ready to move forward and create new, compelling video content for your firm’s website, contact Epic Web Results today.

Lawyer Video Marketing: Here’s Why…

Reason 1 – Attorney video marketing highlights the skills of the lawyer.

Potential clients looking for legal representation will tend to narrow down their choices of law firms based on the reputations of the firms. In many cases, however, they end up selecting one of these firms based on their interactions with and their perceptions of an individual attorney at the firm.

When websites for law firms have attorney videos posted, these can give potential new clients an insight to the skills and persuasiveness of a specific lawyer. In other words, attorney videos can provide a more personal experience for potential new clients and can make them feel connected and more comfortable with moving forward with a particular law firm.

Reason 2 – Lawyer video marketing can deliver complex info in a straightforward manner.

People looking for information online only want to read so much. In fact, in many cases, people will opt to watch and listen to a video to get the info they need (instead of trying to glean it by reading a long piece of content). Having attorney videos as part of your law firm’s website can, as a result, be an effective way of:

  • Presenting important information in a simplified manner
  • Keeping users on your law firm’s website for longer periods of time
  • Increasing your site’s conversion rates
  • Gathering a following of users who regularly visit your site for your attorney videos (especially if you are posting compelling videos on a regular and frequent basis).

Be sure to check out the upcoming second part of this blog for more reasons why it’s critical for your law firm to pursue attorney video marketing.

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