Blogging can be a great way to connect with potential customers, develop an online voice for your business and start to establish yourself/your business as an authority in your industry. While you may be aware of all of this, what you may not realize is that blogging – when done right – can be just as powerful from an SEO perspective, potentially boosting your site’s rankings and promoting the overall success of your website.

Taking a closer look at this, in this blog series, we will reveal just how blogging can work towards optimizing websites. When you are ready to take the next step in optimizing your website – or when you want to build a properly optimized site for the first time, don’t hesitate to contact Epic Web Results. We are experienced at developing customized, optimized sites for our clients so that they can grow their businesses online.

How Blogging Can Enhance SEO

1 – Blogs continually add fresh content to sites.

Do you that, when done right, blogging can boost your site’s SEO? Here’s what you should know about blogging for SEO. Contact us for help optimizing your site.

Do you that, when done right, blogging can boost your site’s SEO? Here’s what you should know about blogging for SEO. Contact us for help optimizing your site.

Fresh, unique, well-written content is viewed very favorably by search engines, and blogging can be an easy to develop such new content on a regular basis. In fact, when new blogs are published to websites, they essentially create new pages on sites, and each of these pages can be indexed by major search engines – as long as, of course, the blogs are sufficiently long (i.e., at least 300 or so quality words).

This is very important considering the facts that:

  • The other content pages on your website likely won’t change/be updated as frequently, so blogging can provide a solution for consistently adding fresh content to a site.
  • Search engines tend to pull from sites with “fresher” (i.e., more up-to-date) content when generating results for users.
  • Your business competitors who are regularly blogging likely have better site rankings than you do if you aren’t regularly blogging.

2 – Blogging can give you more “keyword coverage.”

Although the role of keywords in SEO has evolved significantly over recent years, a few of the things that remain unchanged are the facts that keywords still need to be used and that they are still relied on to generate query results for online users. So, by blogging on various topics related to your business’ industry/field, you can effectively:

  • Expand the coverage of relevant keyword phrases on your website – So, if you have a criminal defense law firm, blogging can help you target more precise keyword phrases related to your practice, such as DUI lawyer, traffic offense lawyer, etc.
  • Bolster coverage for variations of strong keyword phrases – Using the above example, such various can include DUI arrests, DUI stops, DUI defense, etc.

Here, it’s also important to point out that, with keywords/keyword phrases in blogs:

  • Choosing the right word or phrase is crucial, as choices that are too general won’t likely generate great results (because there’s already a lot of content out there targeting general phrases) while too specific phrases may never actually be used/searched.
  • Doing a little bit of keyword research upfront can help you select the right words or phrases to target.
  • When using keyword phrases in blogs, do NOT overuse them; instead, try to use them in a natural way that provides meaningful information to users reading that blog.

For some more important info about blogging for SEO, don’t miss the additional parts of this blog series. They’ll be posted soon.

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