Resuming Blogging for SEO: 6 Ways Blogging Can Boost SEO (Pt. 1), here, we’ll continue highlighting just how regular blogging can help optimize your website and, ideally, improve its ranking in search engines.

More Ways Blogging Can Improve SEO

3 – Blogs can be easy ways to share more dynamic content.

When blogging for SEO, connecting your blog to your social media accounts can be helpful. Here’s why. Contact us for experienced help with SEO for your site.

When blogging for SEO, connecting your blog to your social media accounts can be helpful. Here’s why. Contact us for experienced help with SEO for your site.

While the standing pages on your website may be more formal, blogging can create a space to share less formal, more dynamic content, including:

  • Images, which can serve as powerful hooks for potential readers, as images can usually capture people’s eyes/attention faster than words. In fact, what’s becoming more popular these days are infographics that combine text and visual content to deliver as much useful info to readers as possible.
  • Videos, which can also be an appealing option for potential blog readers, particularly if the video is instructional, offers some unique insight, etc.

By including images and/or videos in your blogging – and by adding appropriate alt-text to this dynamic content, you can create another way for search engines to find and favorably rank your content, as well as your website.

4 – Blogs can be easily connected to social media.

Google can generate results that may include social media posts; therefore, by connecting your blog to your social media accounts, you can provide Google with yet another way to find your blogs and list them in search results, further boosting the SEO for your site.

Additionally, when you connect your blogs to your social media accounts/activities, you can:

  • Increase the potential distribution of your blogs, providing an easy way for other social media friends/followers to share or repost them – In fact, search engines take notice of content that is widely shared, and such content will typically be more favorably ranked the more it’s shared/viewed.
  • Possibly drive more social media users back to your website.

More traffic to your blogs (whether that comes via your social media accounts or search engine queries), as well as wider distribution of these blogs, can both also be beneficial in terms of your site’s optimization and how search engines view/rank your site.

Be sure to look for the upcoming conclusion to this blog series for some more essential info about blogging for SEO.

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