There are many elements that go into a successful blog. First is quality of content. Simply put, you need to be writing something worth reading. You need to understand your audience and engage them. And you need to make sure your blog can be found.

There are so many aspects of a successful SEO campaign for a blog, that it’s impossible to explain them all in a single blog post. One of the quickest ways to boost your blog’s search engine rankings is by having quality inbound links  that point to your blog. Easier said than done, especially if your blog is new to the blogosphere.

Generally speaking, you want your inbound links to come from the following:

  • Websites that rank higher than your own
  • Popular sites that are relevant to your own blog
  • Sites with a fair amount of traffic
  • Sites that are made up of more than simply links

Generating Inbound Links

Link Swaps: If another popular website or blog has a similar tone or style to your own, consider dropping the website administrator a quick email. Introduce yourself, offer to guest blog or explain why both sites would benefit from exchanging links.

Article Marketing: While Google has cracked down on some of the article marketing websites, directories such as Ezine Articles still has it’s place in your overall plan. Be careful to follow the requirements for article submission, and include your backlink in your bio line.

Directories: Find reputable directories that cater to your niche, versus catch all directories. Google may actually penalize your site for being listed on junk directories. Luckily, there are so many niche sites out there it shouldn’t be hard to find a few to add your site to that are relevant and have a decent page ranking.

Social Media: Post links to each new site on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Interlink your blogs if you have more than one. Include links to your blog on all of your profiles online.