Online reputation management is key to successful public relations. Word of mouth spreads much faster now than in years past.  Customers have the ability to praise or complain about a company’s service, or lack there of, through a variety of online outlets. Aside from Googling your company’s name and dealing with any less than savory results, monitoring social media sites is exceptionally important to a successful marketing campaign.

With 175 million registered users posting 140-character blurbs, Twitter is a social media website that should not be ignored. Twitter feeds can be established that alert you when your company’s name is mentioned in a Tweet. The benefit is that, if managed properly, you can use Twitter to show the world your concern about your customers’ happiness with your brand.

A perfect example of this can be found within Comcast, one of the nation’s largest cable and Internet providers. Comcast’s customer service manager, Frank Eliason, is nearly world famous for his stellar customer service. Mr. Eliason and his ComCares team monitor the use of the company name on Twitter. If a complaint is raised, one of the team responds and helps rectify the situation within minutes of the original Tweet being made.

While having a team to monitor your company’s online reputation around the clock may be impossible, it is important to check daily for problems and praise. A few minutes of your day could make a major impact as to how the Internet audience views your services.