With all of the hype over Google+, it may be tempting to just neglect your business Facebook page in favor of the current trend. It’s important to remember that Facebook still has over half a billion users, and those users aren’t jumping ship just yet. Facebook continues to be a marketing powerhouse, but only if it’s used to its fullest capabilities. We’ll take a look at a few things you can do to really leverage the power of Facebook below.


Facebook is as popular as it is because people can post quick, up to the minute personal information for their friends and family to see. When people visit Facebook, they don’t want to see stuffy advertisements from businesses. If they follow your business, they do it because they love your product or service and want updates, or because they found your posts to be entertaining. Engage your followers, post fun posts and most of all give your brand a personality.


If you just post links all day, unless you get lucky and your link goes viral, few people will bother to stick around or pay attention to your posts. Interaction is the key to Facebook. Post questions and polls, and give people a reason to participate. Give away small items from time to time, or run interactive contests that require people to spread the word about your brand.


Don’t look at a negative comment as a bad egg. Instead, use a complaint left on your Facebook to show the world publically how awesome your customer service is. Check your Facebook wall often, reply to comments left, and go above and beyond to resolve any complaints for everyone to see. When your followers see there is a compassionate human being behind the posts, they will spread the word. If you don’t get any complaints, kudos! Take some time to post a thank you on the wall of random followers. You wouldn’t believe how far a “Thanks for following us, we appreciate you!” will go in the eyes of your customers.