Facebook continues to house more than 750 million active users. Businesses simply cannot ignore Facebook as a part of their online marketing strategy. Facebook is have a lot of users, so if you post your business there, it surely will generate a lot of visitors. Facebook is a great social utility that connects people with friends, customers, or potential clients.

Take your Facebook marketing to the next level with these Facebook marketing tips:

#1: Give people a reason to become a fan

If someone likes your page you can offer a free trial, a coupon, specialized information, or good insight.

#2: Stay on topic

People who like your brand or business page expect you to post related to it. Keeping a focus may seem limiting, but it is most effective. Write about current events that tie to your brand or industry, find and share YouTube videos, ask your audience to post questions, share stories, or repost the most interesting content.

#3: Ask the right questions

A great way to get your fans talking on Facebook is to ask interesting questions. It helps to ask questions that are easy to answer.

#4: Run a Facebook contest

Everyone loves a chance to win. If you need a little excitement on your page, the contest will bring just that.

#5: Include pictures in your Facebook

Pictures help you get up close and personal. Facebook presents pictures, and engages people.

Keep these tips in mind next time you want to gain more likes, views or fans on your business Facebook page. If you have any questions or comments, contact us today or call us at 303-947-1737.