Unfortunately, creating a business page on Facebook is not a “if you build it they will come” scenario for most small businesses or firms.  While companies that have a steady customer base and national brand recognition may be able to simply set up a page and have instant fans, gaining a loyal following on Facebook takes more time and effort for lesser known entities. Here are some ways to make your Facebook page pay off:

  • Follow others to gain followers. While it takes more time than other means, one of the best way to both establish yourself as an expert and attract fans on Facebook is to follow other experts in your niche. Read the posts and comment often on the postings. As others that follow will see your witty or thought provoking comments, and follow you as well.
  • Post interesting facts or engage your followers with open-ended questions that encourage interaction between fans. Even heated debates attract attention, although you will want to monitor controversial debates carefully to avoid offending and losing other fans. Try to stay objective but involved in the conversations that take place. The more you interact, the more interesting your feed will be to those that stumble upon it.
  • Link your Facebook page from your website, signature line in emails and anywhere else you have a profile. Likewise, feeding your blog to your Facebook will provide valuable back links that can only help your search rankings.
  • Give something away. For businesses that offer products or services, running a contest can be an excellent way to drive new fans to your page. Require a “Like” to your page to enter the giveaway. Photo contests are always a great way to attract repeat visitors to your page and encourage others to share your page with family and friends. In these types of contests, photos are uploaded and then voted on. Votes are cast by clicking “Like” on the favorite photo. People will often reach out to their own friends list to encourage votes, spreading word about your business, and contest, in the process.
  • Advertise on Facebook. While not free, well-placed Facebook paid ads put your business in front of Facebook users that might not otherwise discover your company, products or services. If you have never run a paid ad campaign, enlisting the help of an experienced professional may save you from costly mistakes.  If you choose to go it alone, be sure to do your research first, as a successful ad campaign can be a huge boost to your popularity.