As we reported back in May, Google started experimenting with integrating Twitter content into search results for some topics. Since this experiment began in February, the number of Tweets being indexed by Google has grown exponentially, increasing by about five times over the course of four to five months.

The increased indexing of Tweets by Google is likely good news for users, our Internet marketing professionals explain. Here’s why.

The increased indexing of Tweets by Google is likely good news for users, our Internet marketing professionals explain. Here’s why.

In fact, one study has specifically found that, while Google was indexing less than 1 percent of tweets in February, as of the end of June/the beginning of July, nearly 3.5 percent of Tweets were being indexed. Additionally, this study has reported that:

  • More than 95 percent of Tweets are still not being indexed by Google.
  • Tweets associated with users who have more followers and more “social authority” are more likely to be indexed by Google.
  • Tweets with greater user engagement are also more likely to be indexed by Google.

What This Can Mean for You

The snowballing rate at which Google is indexing Twitter content may be beneficial in a few ways, including that:

  • It may provide you with better results for your queries – Given that Google is focused on providing the best user experience and pertinent content to users’ queries, having more Tweets indexed will likely mean that more relevant results are delivered to those who are searching for them in a more timely fashion. In other words, people can get more “real-time” information for popular/trending topics with an increasing number of Tweets being indexed.
  • It may help Google identify other quality content outside of Twitter – This is also good news from a user perspective because it means that Google search results can continue to improve in quality, better targeting the information people are looking for (inside and outside of Twitter content).
  • It may lead to your Tweets being indexed – If you are on Twitter, are focused on growing your followers and regularly engage with others, the changes are that you are growing your “social authority” and, in doing so, increasing the likelihood that your Tweets will soon be indexed by Google (if they are not already). This, in turn, can give you more exposure online, which is also good news if you are using your Twitter account for social media marketing purposes.

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