Picking up where we left off in Google Panda 4.0: How to Benefit from the Algorithm Update (Pt. 1), here we will continue examining how to reap the most benefits from Google’s latest algorithm update.

Websites dropping the most in ranking due to Google Panda 4.0 have been those without original, high-quality content. Let us help you benefit from Panda 4.0.

Websites dropping the most in ranking due to Google Panda 4.0 have been those without original, high-quality content. Let us help you benefit from Panda 4.0.

How to Get Better Rankings in the Wake of Panda 4.0

  • Be proactive – This is key with content marketing, and it will likely end up boosting website rankings when it comes to Google Panda 4.0. Essentially, being proactive with content marketing means that you should be posting new, quality content on a regular basis.

    While it’s ideal to post a new high-quality piece of content every few days or so, if this isn’t possible, posting a new, well-written, original piece of content even just once a week will be a good move and will likely be viewed favorably by Google’s ranking algorithms.

  • Look for your content niche – To get an even sharper competitive edge and climb even higher in search engine rankings, try to post new content that fills a unique niche that is not so fully occupied by other content already published.

    For example, while the Internet is already flooded by a general topic like “car accidents,” you may be able to find a more specific aspect of this topic and fill a less occupied content niche by, for instance, writing a piece on “left-hand turn car accidents caused by teen drivers.”

    The bottom line here is to do your best to find an original or lightly-treaded niche for your original content, so that the topic or theme of your content is as unique as your voice and perspective.

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