Google has recently affirmed that it has updated its core search algorithm as part of its ongoing effort to continue to improve the quality of its search results. While some industry experts have noted that the impacts of this core search algorithm update started back in May, Google has said little about this update, only noting that:

This is not a Panda update. As you know, we’re always making improvements to our search algorithms and the web is constantly evolving. We’re going to continue to work on improvements across the board.

Although speculation about this update continues, many are also focused on the upcoming refresh to the Panda algorithm, which is expected to come any day now (as Google’s Gary Illyes announced this Panda update at the beginning of June, noting that it was two to four weeks out at that time).

The Panda Update: What You Should Know

While Google has updated its core search algorithm, a Panda refresh is expected any day. Contact us for effective, affordable Internet marketing solutions.

While Google has updated its core search algorithm, a Panda refresh is expected any day. Contact us for effective, affordable Internet marketing solutions.

So, what could all of this mean to you and your website? While we can’t speak to the core search algorithm update, as no details have been given about that, we can point out some important things to know about Panda and how that refresh may impact your site:

  • The Panda algorithm specifically targets poor-quality content – In fact, Panda is focused on identifying “thin” content (which is viewed as a general lack of content), duplicate content (particularly when sites have large volumes of duplicate content) and machine-generated content (which some may refer to as spun content). Sites with this type of poor-quality content will generally be negatively impacted by the Panda refresh.
  • Some sites may see an improvement in rankings with the Panda algo refresh – In particular, the sites that can benefit from the Panda refresh will be those that have continued to deliver high-quality, unique content since the last Panda update. While previously penalized sites that have replaced their poor quality content with good content may climb in the rankings with this update, so too may those that were falsely identified as having poor content (in previous rollouts of Panda).
  • Others may be negatively impacted by this refresh – Sites that somehow were overlooked by previous iterations of Panda and that still have/are publishing poor quality content will likely see drops in rankings when the new Panda refresh hits.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that your site’s content matters – not only to users but also to search engine algorithms. If your site isn’t populated with well-written, original content (and instead has light, poorly written and/or duplicate content):

  • It could be penalized with the next refresh of the Panda algorithm.
  • If the site is negatively affected (by a drop in rankings and/or a Google penalty), it will be crucial to contact the professionals at Epic Web Results to find out what needs to be done to recover from these impacts and restore your site to good rankings and standing.

As more news about the upcoming Panda refresh becomes available, we’ll bring you the latest updates here. Until then, share your thoughts and comments on this with us on Facebook & Google+.

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