Quality one-way links, that is links to your site from other high-ranking pages, are one of the best ways to boost yourself to the top of the search results. Unfortunately, finding quality one-way links is time consuming and often downright challenging. If you are unsure where to start, consider these top picks for one-way links.


Review sites, online directories and testimonials from clients are great ways to generate one-way links that typically require very little work on your part. If you have clients that use your services, ask them for a link. If you have customers that come into your physical location or that you do business with online, ask them to leave a quick review on your Google Places page or other directory listing. Consider offering a discount for a future purchase when a positive review is left. Nothing motivates people more than saving money.

Press Releases

Another cost-effective and fairly hassle free way to get one-way links back to your site is by utilizing press release sites. Anytime you or your company does something press release worthy, write up a quick story about it and place it on one of the numerous free PR sites for a quick boost to your SEO.

Blog Commenting

Do you ever wonder why popular blogs get hundreds of comments for every post they make? If the number of comments seems extremely high, it’s probably safe to say that the blog author allows links to be left with the comments. Follow a few popular blogs for your field or niche, and take the time to leave comments. You will be surprised at the impact a dozen or so comments left will have on your search rankings.

Article Marketing

Everyone knows that the big article sites, content farms and the like have taken a major hit with the recent Google algorithm changes, but they still have value to your page ranking. Write a few informative how-to articles, or target popular topics for a quick boost to your rankings. Consider sites like Squidoo and Ezine, which are still yielding pretty good results, all things considered.