Blogging can be a great way to establish a voice for your business, share important info and engage with potential new customers. Unfortunately, however, simply posting blogs may not be enough, especially if you don’t already have a readership or following.

So, if you are to improve your blogging – both by getting more views and more conversions, here are some questions to ask yourself. The answers you have to these questions can reveal what additional things you may need to do to get the greatest returns from your blogging efforts.

Develop a Blogging Strategy with the Answers to these Questions

1 – Who is your target audience?

When you are ready to improve your blogging and get more conversions from it, ask yourself these questions, our internet marketing experts explain. Contact Epic Web Results for effective, affordable internet marketing solutions.

When you are ready to improve your blogging and get more conversions from it, ask yourself these questions, our internet marketing experts explain. Contact Epic Web Results for effective, affordable internet marketing solutions.

Who would be the ideal reader for your blog? If you don’t have a target audience in mind, the chances are that you are not crafting your blogs to meet your audience’s needs or interests.

So, take some time to figure out just who you want to be reading your blogs. This can help you choose the best blogs topics and, ideally, help you shape the voice of your blog to best engage with your ideal reader(s).

2 – What are your target keywords/keyword phrases?

Do you know how people are looking for your business online? What are the target keyword phrases for your business and/or industry?

Just as your target audience should help inform the best topics and tone to use in your blog, your target keyword phrases should help you better optimize your blogs. This, in turn, can help your content rank better in search engines, which can then help grow your readership.

3 – How interesting or enticing are your titles?

The title you write is often the single most important factor in convincing a potential reader to click on your content (or to continue reading it). So, how interesting are your titles? Would you click on link with your title?

While you can get some more extensive title tag writing tips here, in general:

  • Avoid using “stop words” that add little to no meaning (e.g., articles, conjunctions, etc.)
  • Try to use words that generate an emotional response
  • Consider using some of the words that tend to recur in viral titles (these include but aren’t limited to smart, surprising, hacks, and critical).

4 – How unique and/or credible is your content?

There is a lot of content out there, and every day, more content is added to heap. So, is your blog offering any new insights or unique information? And, going hand-in-hand with that question, are you delivering content that is credible?

The takeaway here is that you want to avoid just adding content with the same info and message as existing online content. Try to select topics for which there isn’t a lot of information online already. It’s also smart to pick topics that you can put a unique spin on.

5 – How often are you posting blogs?

Do you have a schedule for blogging? How many blogs do you post weekly or monthly?

If you don’t have a schedule or you aren’t posting at least four blogs per month, your lack of a schedule/regularity in posting could be subverting your efforts to grow your readership. So, set up a regular blogging schedule and stick to it.

6 – How compelling is your call-to-action?

Ultimately, one of the primary reasons you are blogging for your business is that you want to convert more of your readers into new leads and clients. So, are you telling your readers what to do next (after reading your blog)? Do you have a clear and persuasive call-to-action (CTA)? If not, then you may just be throwing away new leads.

So, take a look at your CTA and consider revamping it. In fact, it’s usually a good idea to revise your CTA for each blog post so that your readers don’t stop looking at it/see it as white noise on your site.

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