As a continuation of Improve Your Website’s Landing Pages with These Simple Tips (Part 1), the following provides some additional insights as to what you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your website’s landing pages. By fine-tuning your landing pages with these tips, you will increase the chances that visitors to your website will respond to your call to action (whether that be contacting you, completing some form, buying some product, etc.).

In addition to including the basic page elements and limiting the navigation options on landing pages, you can also:

  • Follow the KISS method – Always remember to “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (the KISS method) when you are refining or developing landing pages for your website. This means that you will not want to clutter these pages with a ton of extra information because that could distract users, confuse them or otherwise turn them off to the offer or call to action that you want them to respond to.

    Instead, make sure that you only include the most important information on the page and that this info is easy to read. A helpful tip here is to use bullet points when at all possible and to bold key phrases that you want users to immediately see and pay attention to.

  • Include social media sharing buttons – Make sure that either at the top or bottom of your landing pages that you have buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and an email option. The point of these buttons is to encourage users to share the offer with their friends, family, colleagues, etc. If you don’t have these buttons on your landing pages, you could be missing a golden opportunity to exponentially increase your customer or client base.
  • Do not ask for more info than you actually need – If you have a form on your landing page and the goal is to get users to complete each field of the form, then make sure that you only include fields for the info your business actually needs. If you include extra fields (even ones that may be marked as optional), users are more likely to be turned off from completing the form may not end up responding to your call to action when they otherwise would have.

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