Leveraging social media marketing is beneficial, effective and just plan smart if you are a small business on a budget. Integrating SEO into your social media efforts is not something that should wait any longer. How else will you be able to effectively and frequently communicate to customers and prospects at any time or place for little to no cost? Start optimizing your social media efforts so that both search engines and the social community is able to easily find your business. It is time to utilize social media in order to speak out all over the globe to claim the credit rather than another business or individual.

A lot of money does not need to be set aside to integrate search engine opotionation into your social media efforts. In addition to Google and other large search engines, social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, Pinterest and YouTube are just a few of the popular resources available to connect with clients, share news, and gain new business.


The key to making sure your content is optimized is within two-parts. First, optimize how people search on Google or a large search engine, and second how people search on a social media network. For example, when using a search engine like Google a general search like,” blue shirt” is common.  However, on a social community, people tend to be more specific. Instead you might include brands, sizes, and price because of the exposure to the media. You may see a friend mention it on a post, share, or like it on Facebook. Social networks tend to be more familiar with you, and are able to connect with you specifically.

Take a few of these tips to integrate your social media efforts.

  1. Utilize pictures in your content or as your content
  2. Link your new content back to older content
  3. Secure your social media profiles
  4. Keep your profile up to date
  5. Make it easy to be targeted based on interest relevant to the person searching
  6. Engage with users and build trust

Social marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites requires engagement and effort in order to see the results desired. Learn more information regarding what Internet Marking Professionals can do for your business today. 


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