Here are some essential tips for maximizing the impacts of your internal linking strategies, our Internet marketing pros explain. Contact us for help optimizing your site.

Here are some essential tips for maximizing the impacts of your internal linking strategies, our Internet marketing pros explain. Contact us for help optimizing your site.

Internal linking – or the linking between pages on the same domain – is among the fundamental features of a website. This is generally because internal linking can help users navigate a site while allowing search engines to crawl it better. This, in turn, means that implementing the right internal linking tactics for a site can:

  • Improve the user experience (UX) – This is because effective internal linking can help users get to the content they are looking for on your site ASAP, encouraging them to stay on your site longer – and increasing the chances they will respond to your site’s call-to-action.
  • Improve rankings – If search engines are able to efficiently crawl a site and categorize its pages, there is usually a better chance that those pages (when optimized and featuring unique, well-written content) will be ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, how do you get started with building effective internal links (aside from the main navigation)? We’ll explain how below…

Internal Linking Use Tips: How to Use Internal Linking More Effectively

As you start developing internal links between the pages, blogs and/or articles on a site, start with what makes the most sense first in terms of associated topics/pages and what you believe a user would look for (or click through to), based on the information on a given page.

In addition to using logic as your guide, here are some additional tips for implementing an effective internal linking strategy for a site:

  1. Be discerning about the anchor text you choose for links – Anchor text refers to the words that will be linked to another page. For instance, the following phrase, more on SEO, serves as anchor text for a link to our page about optimization. When choosing anchor text for links, look for words or phrases that directly relate to the link/page being linked to, and try to slightly vary the anchor text you use for that link across various pages.
  2. Try to add links “above the fold” – Where a link is placed on a page can impact its strength and how many users end up clicking on it. Typically, it’s best to try to include links in the first few sentences and/or paragraphs of a page, before users have to scroll down.
  3. Include at least a few links on each new content page added to the site – The best internal linking strategies will be ongoing, meaning that they will continue to be implemented after a site has gone live and as new blogs, articles and other content pages are added. A good rule to keep in mind when it comes to ongoing internal linking is to include at least one or two links to main/top pages in each new post added to the site.
  4. Don’t forget to add links to the Home page – Generally, it’s best to add links to the most important pages on a site on the Home page. So, for instance, the home page for a lawyer’s website should probably have links to the main practice areas pages on that site so that users can immediately navigate to them.
  5. Keep it natural and don’t overdo it – With internal linking, keeping the links natural (based on topic/what makes sense) and linking in moderation are essential. Shoving too many links in any given page (or, worse yet, on every page) will likely be a turn off to both users and search engines. So, use discretion, do what makes sense and don’t go overboard.

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