Once again the newest and latest launch of the iPhone 5 has drawn in people worldwide.. Apple’s stock closed up $1.39, or 0.2 percent, at $700.09. The stock surpassed the $700 level for the first time earlier this week, as excitement for the launch mounted. The new larger iPhone offers new and useful features that can keep up with the fast lifestyles and constant updates and means of communication people need for both personal and business components.

iPhone 5: The Camera

Everyone expects each new iPhone to come up with a new camera or feature, right? Well, the camera has been tweaked, but not as much as other features. The camera remains a 8-megapixel camera, but has a new sapphire-crystal lens, and improved hardware enabling features like dynamic low-lighting adjustment, and the capability to take still photos while shooting videos. The iPhone 5 is able to take high quality pictures in low-lights, all the while picking up the little details most people over look.

iPhone 5: Screen

The iPhone 5 boasts 326ppi with a resolution of 1136X640. This might not mean much to many people, but in the scheme of things, it is richer in color. There also is a whole extra row for apps. The iPhone 5 has a screen that extends 3.5 inches. In comparison to the iPhone 4, it is longer, however not wider .The main benefit is that you can see more on your screen, making web pages longer.

iPhone 5: Performance

Everything over all feels faster on the phone. The apps appear faster, the videos are played clearer, and over the entire phone perform a lot better. The improved A6 processor power the visuals is the reason why.

 iPhone 5: Maps

The new updated map on the iPhone 5 displays more road names, rather than place names. The extra screen length helps give turn-by-turn map navigation, and allows more to fit on the screen. Voice directions are still an option and remains free.

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If you haven’t jumped on the iPhone 5 bandwagon; it is time to check out the features for your self. Technology is always advancing, important, and a great tool to use to communicate in your personal and business life. If you have any personal stories with your new iPhone 5 we would love to hear from you.The new Now that the iPhone 5 is officially launched, how will you use it to benefit your business online? Contact us at Epic Web results  to learn how we can help you expand your business through social media, and internet marketing.