White hat SEO practices are ways of optimizing your search rankings without resulting to link baiting, keyword stuffing or any of the other ways some SEO companies try to trick the search engines into favoring their websites. In this informative video, Matt Cutts, of Google, responds to the question “Is SEO Spam”.

The key points Matt mentions as good SEO include:

  • Accessibility- Making sure that both users and search engines can find your site, and once on your site can navigate it easily by clicking through links.
  • Keyword optimization- Not to be confused with keyword stuffing, keyword optimization involves finding the keyword combinations that the average person will use when searching for information that your site provides. These keywords are then placed strategically in the copy on the pages of your site in a way that is both natural to read, and easy for search engines to index.
  • Site Design- The design of your site needs to provide both a positive user experience and also a design that doesn’t prevent search engines from indexing the information contained on the website.
  • Website speed- The speed in which your website loads has an impact on your search engine rankings.

Epic Web Results uses only White Hat SEO practices to ensure your website stands out from the competition. From the initial design to the content, we are here to help your business website succeed.