Concluding our blog series Managed Hosting: 6 Important Things to Look for from a Provider, below are some final important things to keep in mind when you are searching for the best managed hosting provider for you, your website and your business.

More Key Features to Look for with Managed Hosting

5 – Flexible managed hosting packages and solutions.

When you are ready to enjoy superior managed hosting services, contact Epic Web Results. We tailor our managed hosting packages to meet your needs and budget.

When you are ready to enjoy superior managed hosting services, contact Epic Web Results. We tailor our managed hosting packages to meet your needs and budget.

Another essential thing to look for with managed hosting providers is an array of options for hosting your website. In other words, managed hosting should not have a “one-size-fits-all” model. Instead, it should be customizable, and a good provider should offer to tailor managed hosting services to meet the budget, needs and goals of each client.

Additionally, flexibility with managed hosting services should allow you to change your chosen “package” or services when the needs of your website, business and Internet marketing efforts change. So, if you add new platforms or functions to your website and this causes your managed hosting service needs to be more extensive, a good provider should be ready to immediately respond to your changing needs so that there is no (or minimal) interruption in the service to your site (as well as to the functionality of your website’s features).

6 – Customer support.

When you have questions or are experiencing website issues, being able to communicate with a live person who is qualified to answer your questions can be invaluable. To this end, think about what you value in customer service and support and make sure that the managed hosting provider you end up retaining can meet these needs.

For instance, you may want to specifically ask prospective providers some of the following questions:

  • What type of customer support do you offer?
  • Are there “closed” periods? Or is this support available 24 hours a day? 7 days a week? 365 days a year?
  • Can I talk to a customer support technician on the phone? Or is email the only option available for this type of help?

The answers to these questions can help you narrow down your choices and point you towards the better options for managed hosting for your website.

Benefits of Selecting the Right Managed Hosting Provider

When you do a little bit of research in your efforts to choose the right managed hosting provider, there can be a number of benefits realized, only some of which may include:

  • Reduced IT costs for your business
  • Customizable services that meet your business’ changing needs
  • Significant savings in time, money and resources that can be put towards your other business development efforts.

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