Here are some helpful tips on how to create the optimal customer experience via your mobile website to increase traffic to your site and ideally increase your customer base.

The easier your mobile website design is to use and navigate, the better your customers’ experience will be and the more likely they will be to become loyal, repeat customers. The following are some helpful tips on how to create the optimal customer experience via your mobile website:

  • Don’t be afraid to simplify and make the content easy to read : Given that mobile websites are viewed on small screens and that many users are viewing these sites while they are on the go, it will be crucial to have the most important information regarding your business easy to find and read. While a few key images can be effective at communicating your message (though do not use large images that will slow down the loading time for your site), so too will punchy text – rather than paragraphs of text. With text, it can be particularly helpful to bold keywords and phrases to make it as easy as possible for users to locate specific information.
  • Limit the amount of text that users have to type in : Like small screens on mobile devices, keyboards are also small, and many users can easily make mistakes when typing in text – particularly if they are required to enter in large amounts of text. Whether your users are using search options on your site, are trying to login to their account or are otherwise finding it necessary to type text, try to make this step as easy as possible for them by, for example:
    • Offering options that save previously typed text (so users don’t have to fully type out the same text over and over again)
    • Allowing users to use PIN numbers rather than longer, more complicated passwords (also PINs offer larger keyboards from which to type)
    • Provide auto-fill/auto-complete options for commonly typed text (so users only have to type a few letters before an options pops up for them to select)

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