Here is the conclusion to our blog series Negative SEO: What It Is & How to Avoid It.

When you are ready for the best protections against negative SEO, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results. We are ready to put our skills to work for you.

When you are ready for the best protections against negative SEO, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results. We are ready to put our skills to work for you.

More Ways to Avoid the Impacts of Negative SEO

  1. Be aware of who’s talking about you on social media – Sometimes, spammers may set up fake social media accounts using your business’ name and/or logo; then, these spammers will use these fake accounts to damage your business or its website through negative SEO. You can monitor who’s talking about you and your business in social media by setting up certain types of alerts (either through specialized services or possibly through the social media provider itself).

    Staying on top of who may be mentioning your business can help you figure out when fake accounts may have been generated to hurt your business.

  2. Practice good SEO for your own website – While there are spammers, business competitors and others who may be out to try to intentionally harm your website and its ranking in search engines, don’t do these people a favor by helping them with your own poor SEO practices. Instead, make sure that your site follows SEO best practices so that it is that much more difficult for others to try to harpoon it with transparent negative SEO tactics.

    Some of the good SEO practices that you can easily follow include (but are by no means limited to):

    – Not linking to websites that have been penalized by Google
    – Not paying for links for SEO ever
         – Only publishing high-quality content
    – Carefully monitoring a site’s backlinks
    – Appropriately using anchor text within your website
    – Not selling links on your website.

  1. Do your best to not create enemies online – While negative SEO campaigns can be initiated by your business’ competitors, sometimes these tactics are simply used by people who are angry with a business or business owner and want to go out of their way to hurt that enterprise.

    Therefore, do your best to avoid getting into fights or disputes with other people who may be online. Whether those people may be spammers, hackers or others, your best bet is to always report the person in question to the appropriate authorities, rather than trying to resolve the matter yourself.

  2. Hire Epic Web Results – The bottom line is that avoiding the impacts of negative SEO can take a lot of monitoring and diligence.

    At Epic Web Results, we are skilled at maintaining well-optimized websites, recognizing the signs of negative SEO and fixing them immediately. Don’t leave your website’s success, security and future to chance. Instead, hire Epic Web Results today to ensure you have the best website possible and that your site ultimately serves its purpose to grow your business.

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