Pinterest is an online pin board where members collect photos known as pins that either are their own content, or other content around the web that inspires them. You might be thinking this is just another media site that takes up more of  your non existing free time. But this one you just cannot afford to miss. It is one of the fastest growing sites. From December 2011 to January 2012 users increased by 155%.  The target market is typically women with categories relating to fashion, shoes, make up, hair, weddings, home décor, and many others. However, don’t be fooled because men also are pinning, repining and creating their boards as well.  Pinterest, the new “it” site is considered to be amazing for businesses. It is easy to try out, and you may find it beneficial to you and your business.

Pinterest is a new site to many, but expanding fast. Here is the basic business background of the up and coming social media site.

• Launched March 2010, Pinterest has grown 4000% in the last six months.

• It has 17 million users a month and is the 60th most visited site in the U.S.



It is important that your business pin does not only lead users to liking or repining the merchandise, but actually click-through and visit your site. It is recently found that Pinterest referred more traffic to sites than Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.


It is important to include pictures, the link and more than just the product itself. For example, many free workouts are posted under the fitness section. Lets say you are a trainer trying to promote your new boot camp workouts. You can link your site to the work out pin. The adrenalin work out junkies are now able to seek out more from your website and you are  able receive credit for your work. This promotes your business and other services or products that your business has to offer. Also, by including a price on the product or service, you will automatically be filtered into the gift stream.


This social media network is designed to create high interaction among its members through reposting, sharing others’ pins through Facebook, Twitter or email.


Pinterest allows you to create a sense of a community through allowing you to pick what you follow. There are two follower options that you can take up when you like a piece of content ‘pin’ worthy. You can either follow a person’s account or follow a specific board.


Every time you “pin”, the pins (if set up correctly) include a link to you. This means that anyone who finds your content can visit the site in one click. This helps create followers.


In order to make a Pinterest page you need to request an invitation. Once you have your invite, the first thing you’ll do is set up your profile page. The site is very user friendly and helps you step by step. When you have opened your Pinterest account, you will be given five templates for boards.  It is time to start pinning!

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