While social media can be a fun distraction (or a consuming habit) for users, for those who are in charge of running social marketing campaigns, coming up with new ways to engage users can be challenging – especially when routine or habits are obscuring new ideas.

To help you break free of the monotony and revitalize your efforts, below are some help tips you can use to change up the nature of your posts and, ideally, get people online newly excited about your brand and business.


Tip 1: Plug your next special promotion or campaign via social media

Need to breathe new life into your social media marketing efforts? Here are four easy ways to do this, our Internet marketing pros explain.

People love deals, specials and free things. So, blast your next promotion via your social media channels. Better yet, offer specific deals for your social media friends and followers. If your business is more service oriented and/or deals or promotions are not part of your typical business operations, consider running a raffle or “giveaway” for the upcoming holiday season.

If you plan this right, you can post about it over a few weeks and backup these efforts with additional marketing (like through newsletters, for instance), potentially growing your online friends/followers.

Tip 2: Do a countdown to your next event or speaking engagement

Are you hosting some type of open house, homecoming or other event this fall or winter season? Or will you be speaking at or attending some event? If so, counting down the days (or hours) to the event can be another way to change up your posting strategy and possibly get more people excited about the upcoming occasion.

Tip 3: Invite a guest to run your posts for a while

Sometimes just changing up the person who posts to your social media profiles can be an effective way to breathe new life into these marketing efforts. So, consider asking someone in your company who has a unique perspective to take over the posts for a while. This can be anyone from a customer service agent to a top-level executive.

Ideally, you can set up a rotating schedule for guest posters, teasing upcoming guests in your current posts to generate the most excitement for them.

Tip 4: Switch up the type of content you post

Are your posts primarily texts? Or text with pictures? If so, now may be the time to invest in some videos/videography for your business, so you have more – and different, dynamic – content options for posting. Or consider developing infographics or a posting series. The idea is to offer a variety of content formats so that your posts will remain fresh and interesting to users.

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