Once all of the bad backlinks associated with a penalized site have been identified, it will then be crucial to try to get these links removed.

Once all of the bad backlinks associated with a penalized site have been identified, it will then be crucial to try to get these links removed.

Picking up from Recovering from a Manual Google Penalty (Part 1), the following delves into the next few steps that are important to take in the journey of recovering from manual penalties.

Once a penalized website has been cleaned up and the website owner has compiled a comprehensive list of all of the bad backlinks to his website, the next steps will be to:

Step 3: Request Removal from Every Source of An Identified Bad Backlink

Again, this step is involved and can be a bit tedious by itself, but it is, nonetheless, essential to recovering from manual penalties. To request removal of every bad backlink, you will need to:

  • Go to the source of a given bad backlink.
  • Look for a contact email address or a form on the site that allows you to email the owner/company/web administrator.
  • Send an email requesting that the site remove the backlink. This email can be very simple – like the following:A link from your site [Copy URL] to our site [Copy URL] has been detected and may be the cause of a Google penalty to our site. We request that you remove the link to our site at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Once you send an email to the source of a bad backlink, keep track of the date on which the email was sent, and allow a few weeks for the removal. While you may receive a reply when your email has been received and the backlink has been removed, it’s also possible that you will not receive any official reply and that the source doesn’t abide by your request.

Step 4: Identify the Removed Backlinks

Given that you won’t be able to count on the sources of bad backlinks to respond to your removal requests, the next step to take in this process is to figure out which bad backlinks have been removed and which ones still remain in place. This will likely require that you go through the list of links again one-by-one to check which ones still exist.

Look for the final upcoming installation of this blog for the last two steps that are crucial to overcoming manual Google penalties.

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