Save Time: Schedule Your Facebook Page Post

It is no secret that people are busy, time goes by all to fast, especially when you are a business owner. Finding time to get on Facebook to update your page can often all on the bottom of the to do list. Establishing and maintaining a Facebook page requires constant new updates, posts, and responses. Sporadic posting is the last thing a business should do, especially when they are trying to promote, reach out, establish and maintain relationships. Luckily, a new Facebook features allows you to schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. All you need to do is find convenient time to schedule all your Facebook page posts, at once. This will help your business Facebook page stay consistent.

Here is a layout of how to set up your business’s scheduled Facebook post. Take a look:

Step 1: You need to make sure your Facebook page is ready to schedule posts. This is important because you need to enter the state date for your business. If you do not know if you have done this before, all you need to do is just click the status box as if you were going to write a post. Next, click the clock icon located on the bottom left, if your page is ready to schedule you will see the option to add the year for the schedule date. All you need to do is click the clock icon. If this isn’t the case, “When Did Your Page Begin?” box will pop up. You just need to enter and save the correct information, and then you will be all ready to start scheduling.

Step 2: Just as you would post any other status, enter a status. Under your status, you will see a new option containing a year, month, date and time. This is where you are able to put in the time you would like the status to post. When everything is how you want it, post schedule.

Step 3: You will see a confirmation of the date and time your post is scheduled to post. You are always able to delete, or reschedule postings.


Facebook just made it easier for business owners, and so can we. If you are have are looking for a way to effectively improve your business, contact us at Epic Web Results. In a free consultation we will be able to go over a social media marketing business plan for you. Call us today at 303-947-1737.