At Epic Web Results, we are experienced at identifying the causes of search engine penalties and developing effective, creative solutions for resolving these issues.

At Epic Web Results, we are experienced at identifying the causes of search engine penalties and developing effective, creative solutions for resolving these issues.

Continuing from Search Engine Penalties: Manual Penalties versus Algo Penalties (Part 1), the following discusses some additional important information about search engine penalties that all website owners should know. Being familiar with this info can help you recognize when your site may have been the target of such penalties; it can also be crucial to helping you obtain the professional experience that will likely be necessary to deal with and overcome the effects of search engine penalties.

While the first part of this blog focused on discussing algo (algorithm) penalties, here, we will take a closer look at the effects of manual search engine penalties.

How Manual Search Engine Penalties Work

Unlike algo penalties, manual search engine penalties are not handed down by a faceless algorithm; instead, these penalties are generally imposed on websites when:

  • A search engine algorithm has red flagged a website.
  • The red flagged website has been reviewed by a live specialist to check for unnatural links or other potential problems.
  • This review has resulted in a determination that the website violates certain parameters set by the search engine.

Although it’s a common tendency to think that manual penalties are handed out on a whim or by someone who is having a bad day (or has a weird grudge against the site), there are specific rules associated with conducting these reviews and penalizing sites. When such penalties are administered, the owner of the website will typically be notified via email.

The Bottom Line: The Effects of Search Engine Penalties

The bottom line is that, when a website is slapped with either an algo or a manual search engine penalty, the effects are the same:

  • The website will quickly lose its ranking in the search engine.
  • Specific – and likely thorough –changes will need to be made the site.
  • It will take time to recover.

In such cases, the professionals at Epic Web Results are here to help. We are experienced at identifying the causes of such penalties and developing effective, creative and cost-effective solutions for resolving these issues.

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