– or simply semalt – is a Netherlands-based company that has been flooding some sites with spam disguised as referrer links on blogs or other postings. Claiming to provide “professional keyword ranking monitoring” that can help your site nail down that number one ranking in Google, semalt has become a focus of anxiety and concern for many bloggers and website owners who are seeing Semalt skew their traffic statistics.

In this blog series, we’ll explain what semalt is, why it’s a problem and what you can do about it. If you need help blocking semalt from your website(s) or you need any assistance with Google analytics and Internet marketing, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

What Is Semalt?

Whether you have or have not run across semalt spam and junk referrer links on your site, here’s some important info to know about what semalt is and why semalt is a problem.

Whether you have or have not run across semalt spam and junk referrer links on your site, here’s some important info to know about what semalt is and why semalt is a problem.

Semalt is essentially a service that has been inundating various websites with referrer links that appear to be actual views of posts but are, in fact, junk links that all guide people back to Appearing as variations of in people’s traffic history (such as, semalt:

  • Immediately asks people register with them for a free 7-day trial
  • Has no “About Us” or “FAQs” options to research the service prior to signing up
  • Eventually tries to get people to buy SEO services that may actually be available to them for free via different channels
  • Has a 100 percent bounce rate on your website.

While some industry professionals have called semalt a phishing scam (in that it tries to gather emails and other info from people who end up following the junk referrer links back to, there is an industry-wide consensus that semalt is bad news and that people should:

  • Avoid visiting and registering with the business.
  • Report semalt referrer links they see on their site as spam – As of February 2014, WordPress has an option for flagging certain referrer links as spam.
  • Remove semalt from their Google analytics entirely – We will layout the steps for this in the second part of this blog series that will be posted soon.

If you’ve noticed semalt referrer links on your site and you need assistance removing and blocking them for good, call Epic Web Results.

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