Search engine rankings and visitor growth rates are two SEO metrics that matter and that can yield further information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Search engine rankings and visitor growth rates are two SEO metrics that matter and that can yield further information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

SEO is a continually changing practice that, by its very nature, has to adapt to search engine’s algorithm updates in order to stay both relevant and competitive. Given that there are numerous SEO metrics that can be used to gauge the success or failure of a specific website (or even a specific page on that website), knowing which ones matter – and how to analyze these metrics – can be as confusing as it is overwhelming. Here and in a few subsequent installments of this blog, we will outline the top 6 SEO metrics that are important to keep track of and how you should be using these metrics as evaluation tools. 

  • Metric 1: Search Engine Rankings – Hands down, a website’s ranking in search engines is one of the most highly visible metrics that even people who are not familiar with SEO will look at. Despite the visibility of search engine rankings (and the sense of pride and emotional attachment associated with ranking first in search engines for a particular term), this SEO metric is only as important as relates to other metrics – particularly when it comes to conversion rates and profitability.In other words, while it is important to have a high or top ranking in search engines, this ranking won’t mean much if your website doesn’t do a good job of getting users to respond to your call-to-action (whether that be buying your product, contacting you for more information, etc).
  • Metric 2: Visitor Growth – As the name implies, this SEO metric reports on how many visitors are coming to your website each month (or during the given timeframe you are looking at). Obviously, you want the number of visitors to your website to be increasing (rather than declining or flat-lining).However, when looking at the visitor growth numbers, you will need to analyze how many of these visitors are repeat visitors versus how many are new visitors to your website. Analyzing this distinction can yield further information regarding the quality of your content; for example, a large portion of repeat visitors can indicate that you have compelling content while a ratio skewed towards new visitors may indicate that your titles may be compelling enough to attract new visitors but the content is not effective enough to keep them coming back for more. 

For the additional four SEO metrics that are crucial to regularly analyze when evaluating the overall success of your website, be sure to check out the upcoming Parts 2 and 3 of this blog.

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