Using the different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or blogging for example can be fun; but can it really help your business? If you are wondering if posting status updates, Tweets, or other postings, and are engaging in the social networks currently, right now might be a good time to sit back and revisit a few of the many basic fundamentals.

1.    Activity in not productivity

Needlessly and overly posting content on a social networking site can be annoying, redundant and can do more harm than good. The barrier to create content on a social network is non-existent. This mean you can write, state or post anything you want even if it relates or makes sense. Social media can become very time consuming and busy trying to post everything and anything on this site and that. However, quality always in this case outweighs quantity. If you over post, or post irrelevant context your viewers can start to silently ignore you, or even follow you.

2.    You need to build relationships

Social networking, much like relationships needs to be kept up by putting in adequate time and energy into it. The social networks make it very easy to connect with almost everyone; which is a huge benefit for your business. You can follow someone on Twitter, or Google Plus without needing his or her permission. A small percentage might follow you back and if they do you then have a two-way connection. However, do no confuse a two-way connection as permission to interrupt them. You need to work on building a relationship and truly reach out to people who want to hear from you. There shouldn’t, and is no shot cut to building relationships.

 3.    Access does not imply entitlement

When you connect with someone on a social media site through a “like”, “follow” or “subscribe”, you have access. You are able to reach out, connect and communicate with people. Do not assume that these people owe you something because you are engaging with them through social media networks. Clients do come from reaching out to people through the social networks, however there is no way that every person who views your pages, posts or blogs will pursue your product or business. Look at it as a way to spread the word to people, rather than them a done deal for your business.

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